GoBabyGo was started with the dream of making clothes for babies, that could improve their motor skills, while still being fun to crawl and romp about in!
When Danish mum - Fie Aspöck Jonsen gave birth to her son Emil more than two months premature, it ignited in her a passionate interest in the motor skills of children and babies. Fie read absolutely everything on the subject and consulted several experts and paediatric physiotherapists. She found, they all said the same thing: “Nearly all children will get up and walk and stand, but it’s the quality and confidence which varies. It’s about giving your child the best conditions for conquering this skill from the very outset.”
And thus the GoBabyGo range was born. Designed so that your child gets off to the best start, designs feature non-slip soles and rubber traction bumps on top of the toes. Because your child won't slip, it will make them more confident and mobile. A child who can move about unhindered can explore the world and devote their energy to playing and learning. Later in life, good motor skills will benefit your child both socially and academically throughout their childhood.
An absolute sensation in Denmark, GoBabyGo is sold in the most prestigious department stores and specialty shops across Scandinavia and Europe. 
Dane Studio is proud to present our selection of GoBabyGo products to the Australian and New Zealand markets.